Our methodology

ADOCIS has implemented a 3-step intervention methodology:


An opportunity analysis

After collecting a certain number of targeted documents, the specialised consultant makes an opportunity analysis aimed at highlighting:


Concrete recommendations

Presentation of the analysis to the client, on site with the specialised consultant: This time of discussion between the client and the consultant is often fruitful and allows the client to make an informed decision as to the implementation of all or part of the savings recommended in the consultant’s analysis.


We execute

After validation by the client of all or part of the savings opportunities presented, the consultant takes charge of the complete drafting of the claims that the client must file with the administration concerned by the subject.

Our remuneration is generally calculated on the basis of a percentage of the cash savings that appear, but it can also be made on a flat-rate or cost-plus basis.

For any useful legal expertise, ADOCIS will suggest the intervention of a specialised partner law firm.


Tax optimisation

Human resources

Financing innovation