Other taxes audited by ADOCIS

Environmental taxes

Applicable to energy consumption (electricity, gas, oil), taxes on energy consumption (Contribution to the Public Service Charges for Electricity / Domestic Consumption Tax on Electricity, Domestic Consumption Tax on Natural Gas and Domestic Consumption Tax on Energy Products – i.e. CSPE/TICFE, TICGN et TICPE) are subject to customs control.

We offer to validate the calculation of such taxes under the new provisions:

  • Validating consumption selected for taxation,
  • Validating the activity practiced,
  • Studying the possibilities of setting up a preferential, write-off or exemption treatment,
  • Creating a spreadsheet of the tax resulting from the due diligence carried out,
  • Monitoring the requests to customs office until confirmation of savings;

Sales Area Tax (TASCOM)

The analysis that we offer to carry out will allow you to validate your current practices regarding the Sales Area Tax. For that purpose, our experts look for all possible under-taxation and over-taxation.

We study all 3350 SD declarations and other forms filed by you.

We check, on a case-by-case basis, the cumulative conditions of tax liability, the applicable calculation scales, the retail sales areas, the annual turnovers, the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE), the number of refuelling stations, etc.

We validate the tax increases and possibilities of tax reduction for each establishment. Finally we examine all the possibilities of exception.

Local Outdoor Advertising Tax (TLPE)

The Local Outdoor Advertising Tax is a local tax on signs, location indicating signs and advertising supports.

Activities concerned: The Local Outdoor Advertising Tax concerns all economic activities (commercial, industrial, services, etc.).

ADOCIS experts have expertise in calculations and exemptions that can significantly reduce the amount of the Local Outdoor Advertising Tax.

For any useful legal expertise, ADOCIS will recommend the intervention of a specialised partner law firm.


Ready-to-wear company
2700 staff
Our Collection Tax Credit / Research Tax Credit (CIC/CIR) file received a high quality treatment, whether commercial, human or technical. It’s been fruitful since we are currently receiving tax deductions after a year and a half of working with ADOCIS.
Banking services company
1200 staff
As part of a French URSSAF inspection, the inspectors were very surprised by the quality of ADOCIS’s work on the FILLON reductions. They did not detect any deviation, which according to them is quite rare because few providers are so rigorous.
Decorative carpentry company
80 staff
We have been partners for 6 years and greatly appreciate the responsiveness of ADOCIS teams, their professionalism, their respecting commitments and the good results. We have benefited from the tax credit we expected and obtained the Living Heritage Company qualification.
Transport company
160 staff
Since the beginning of our collaboration with ADOCIS on work accident and occupational disease files, we have very much appreciated being regularly informed about file progress. ADOCIS consultants are always available to answer our questions.
Pharmaceutical company
4000 staff
The inspector of the General Direction of Companies who followed up on our claim reported high quality files and supporting documents. The quality of the work carried out by ADOCIS allows us to benefit from the expected VAT refunds.
Materials distribution company
3000 staff
ADOCIS is the second company we have worked with to audit property taxes and business property contributions of the group’s companies and we are very satisfied with their services and relationships. The first results are satisfactory and the training they were able to provide was very instructive and appreciated by our teams.
ICT Company
140 staff
The ADOCIS structured, pragmatic approach has enabled us to select and obtain the aid and subsidies ensuring our development. Managing the interaction of this aid with the Research Tax Credit (CIR) device was of particular interest to us.